Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 12, 2022, 1pm

Important information for those members marching in the parade on march 12, 2022:

*Only* members whose memberships dues are “Paid” Prior to March 10, 2022 will be allowed to participate in the parade.

*Absolutely no one under the age of “18” Is allowed to march.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022:

Last meeting at The Kamp before parade

Last day to pay your dues (no paid dues, no march, no exceptions)

And pick up wristbands (no wristband-no march) parade etiquette and rules will be discussed (important).

Saturday, march 12, 2022—parade day

Dress for parade:

Only kilts or khaki pants (short or long) with the official “Emerald Society shirt” Sold by a.p.e(american police equipment inc.)—nothing else is acceptable. 

Parade begins 1:00 p.m.

Any member, former member or member’s guest caught marching and their dues and parade fees have not been paid, will be asked to leave immediately and both the marching individual and the person who referred him/her to our organization will be sanctioned from future parades.

Let us have a great march and remember to represent our organization proudly!!!!

Thursday, march 17, 2022:

Block party – Annunciation Playground benefiting St. Michael’s Special School 10 am to 6 pm

Important message to all marchers:

This is a reminder to all Emerald Society marchers, members, out of town guest etc. that will be marching and/or participating in the Irish Channel Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 12, 2022.

As everyone knows, we will once again be using our dj/beer wagon known from here on out as the “comfort wagon.”

The following rules governing the use of the “Emerald Society’s comfort wagon” must be adhered to in order to provide every member with a safe and enjoyable parade:

1) only urine, tickle, pee pee, number 1 or whatever you call it will be allowed in the “Restrooms” Located near the rear of the comfort wagon.

Please, absolutely nothing else, including but not limited to: Cans, bottles, paper, beads, feces/excrement (that’s #2 for those who don’t know) etc.

For our female marchers: A separate stall is reserved for female members only and female personal hygiene products must not be disposed of in the toilet.

2) At the end of our march, the comfort wagon will be immediately cleaned. There will be escort vehicles in the parade and you should attempt to place you excess items with the escort vehicles.

3) Absolutely no ice chests on the wagon.

4) The wagon is for the use by our DJ only. Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow anyone else to ride on the comfort wagon, so, no one else is authorized or will be allowed to ride on the comfort wagon, unless granted special permission by the Emerald Society board which will require a written request by the member and full board approval prior to the parade.

5) Do not place any trash (cans, plastic bottles, paper, etc.) on the comfort wagon or in the toilets.

6) No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the wagon or on the parade route.

7) Absolutely no smoking on the comfort wagon.

8) No carts or wagons can be used or pulled by marchers to carry beads, ice chest etc.

The “Comfort wagon” Is the property of the “Emerald Society of New Orleans”. Please, it is up to every emerald society member/marcher/guest to follow the above noted rules and to assist the board in enforcing them.

Our out of town law enforcement guest:

Out of town state and local law enforcement officers are allowed to march free as guest of the emerald society of new orleans, however you must wear your dress police uniform (without the gun belt and weapon) and you must notify us in writing at least one week prior to the parade.

State and local out of town officers who do not have their dress uniform, must join our organization at a reduced rate of $50 per person prior to march 10, 2022 and adhere to the emerald society’s parade dress code.

Out of town federal law enforcement officers:

Must join our organization at a reduced rate of $50 per person prior (price includes wrist band) prior to march 10, 2022 and adhere to the emerald society’s dress code.

Any violation of the above noted rules may result in the emerald society’s organization losing the privilege to use and/or parade in the irish-channel’s club parade at future marches. So please comply with these simple rules.

We are guest of the “Irish Channel Club”. We must follow their rules or we will be asked not to return.

Please relay this information to any marchers who you know do not regularly check our web site or attend meetings. Several marchers only show up for the parade march so pass this on, please.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Thank you,

Bobby Anderson


Emerald Society of New Orleans

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